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various ponies with giant humanoid arms sprouting from their backs
some sushi pones, some blue pones, and a side of my pones
ancient oc design meets the modern one
lotta pones, lil' bit o' lewd
various warmups, including ref pictures that i accidentally merged into the main sketch layer lol
some fun sketches, ponies not guaranteed
varying quality ponies, all drawn in the dead of night on like no sleep
few different syles, a lot of rough stuff, all pony
we got red poners, blue poners, and black poners
various poners, half of them sketched in red
lotsa ponies drawn at incredibly high speeds
lots of ponies doing lots of fun pony things
lots of dumb shitposty sketches
a few ponies, including a singular anon
grumpy ponies (very mean)
a few bad shitposty sketches
no idea what their name isdelinquent horse sprays rug graffiti on wall
two of my fav ocs
very interested marevery confident stallion
how my main oc looks in gmodponies do not appreciate being treated like ponies
absolutely scared princessabsolutely amazed mare
mare absolutly destroys pon- i mean bottle of ketchupfriendo's oc that was made in gmod
two ocstwo ponies snoozing

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