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skookz' grotto



lets you generate messages/text as if they were appearing in old video games

fun to play around with, great for shitposts


a surrealist artist that makes fun photos of giant cats that look like they're made up of fancy topiary bushes

you can actually buy pretty nice prints of them (shipping is kinda expensive though, since they're being sent from Europe)


a fun bootleg operating system instpired by windows 95 that runs entirely in your browser

it has a pretty sizeable amount of content, even has a fun bootleg MySpace built into it


a decently sized archive of Valve's assets (public, leaked, & abandoned projects alike)

also has some 3rd party stuff archived (both fan projects & projects valve was collaborating with)


a huge archive of a bunch of Geocities sites before they were ganked by Yahoo

this is a great place to poke through if you're trying to nail that 90s/00s website aesthetic for your own site


an archive of a bunch of fanmade mlp content (pretty much all G4)

a large majority of it is videos & fanfics, but you'll find some art, music, & other bits n' bobs floating around too


a museum of thousands upon thousands of Winamp skins

the coolest part of this archive is that the skins are actually functional in your browser (like they play music, the volume & playback markers work, they even got the equalizer working somehow??)


a surprisingly extensive site dedicated to the song Popcorn by Gershon Kingsley

it has the history of the song recorded along with every single remix of the song (that the webmaster's aware of)


lets you make non-interactive Phoenix Wright court cases, complete with animation & sound

you can also watch other people's cases too, though most people use them as bootleg reaction gifs lol


a site dedicated to a fun toaster from the 40s that didn't have a lever system in it

it has a light history on the toaster along with how it actually works & how to fix one


a giant archive of tracker music (music made for older computers, think of it like midi but better in every way)

they've got an online player so you don't even need to download the music or a player to your computer


a website belonging to a group of togue racers in California

it has an interactive map for routes to race on along with what kind of cool things/hazards are on them, which is pretty fun to look at


an idle game with the fun gimmick that you build a factory from the ground up

(you're gonna get really good at making things as compact as possible in the pursuit of a little bit of extra profit lol)


website dedicated to .WADs for Doom 1 & 2 (where to get them, how to install them, & even making your own)

i strongly recommend giving their old doom site archive a look through, lots of fun sites to find in there


fun site that uses AI to randomly generate busts of ponies!

great for getting some ideas for OC designs, also just fun to look through


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