if project file dates are to be believed then this is from september of 2018; bit surprised i still have the project files actually, i guess i intended to actually properly animate this someday?
(i wouldn't hold your breath though lol)

speaking of project files it looks like i did make a tiny bit of progress in the actual animation bit, i made a little puppet out of a photo of a chair lol. no sign of a pony puppet though, even from poking around in my art archive folders.

i vaguely remember that the animation was going to be more than just this one shot, like it was gonna be a whole thing of flying through the atmosphere into space or whatever; more than likely dropped this due to scope creep lmao
(as a majority of my video projects happen to fall victim to actually)

funnily enough this joke was stolen from some guy's reddit flair, no idea what sub it was on though,

an office chair with a comically tall lifty bit