lil' shid

from august of 2021 baybee here's a fun idea that i didn't let go any further for some reason. considered not uploading it here since it's so short but i still like what is actually there too much lol

it was (or is, the future might be kind!) gonna be about lyra & her evil twin sister aryl fucking it up in ponyville all day & causing all sorts of fun terror to the funky monkey dance from mother 3.

if you have no idea who they are you should've seen them if you poked around on the art pieces page a bit, they're sitting somethere around the middle of it
(you could also just take a look a few millimeters down too lol)

lyra and her evil twin sister aryl stealing oats & barley
but yeah, still kinda want to finish this one but eh, not too much motivation to do so. it's a fun idea though so hey who knows!