ruler of everything

bit of a timeskip all the way to march of 2021, and probably my favorite animatic honestly. i had made this around the tail end of when tally hall's ruler of everything was a meme lol.

tally hall is one of my favorite bands & this song is such a banger, idk why i never like started actually animating this vid. i still have the project files, i suppose i totally could actually; might try to find a cover of the song though so it wouldn't get ganked by copyright junk tho,

if I were to start actually animating this vid i'd more than likely cut the beginning to start at the "do you like how i talk" bit. idk how i'd make her dance, the pants bit idk what to do with either, and two closeups that're that close to eachother is a bit awkward & clumsy imo.

oh also if ya couldn't tell who's who the tall gangly one with fangs is queen chrysalis, the shorter rounder one is princess cadance, & the littler ones with the weird tube ears are chrysalis' changelings; they're mostly just lingering about trying to mind their own business
(or they're getting into chryssy's & candy's business lol)