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File: making a plan.png (26.9KB, 648x645)


Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 13:18:12 No.35198772


You two will have to have to use it all to become

Santmare Claus and the Eastmare Bunny.

>"I'm not even sure how we'd do that. Maybe the Santamare thing would be in that huge book?"


Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 13:20:03 No.35198778

File: RPG-7_detached.png (40.9KB, 288x192)


Is that a fucking rocket propelled grenade minus the launcher?

>"Looks like a spear. Feels like it's enchanted with something really powerful though."


Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 13:39:31 No.35198846

File: Screen Recording (4-13-2020 11-1 (...).webm (1.41MB, 640x480)




Let's show this zombie jew how we do things downtown.

>"I really hope that's how it works. I don't exactly want to get close enough to him to stab him."


Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 13:40:43 No.35198851

File: 875961.webm (1.54MB, 640x360)




>"You know, I might be able to do that actually. I'd just need to get a bit closer."