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Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 17:28:00 No.35199601

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Okay, Satan you can come visit Earth, but only if you promise to behave. If start causing trouble, we're going to have to call your mother.

>–"I don't remember asking for permission, and I don't appreciate being threatened."


Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 17:30:52 No.35199616

File: d5f5vbi-314dbaeb-5e1c-437d-a39f- (...).png (5.16KB, 232x121)


What kind of visit, for how long?

Might Need some special pony like trixie or pinkie pie sisters or someone special.

Derpy comes and offers satan a muffin?


I bet the santa book has some special communication info numbers in it.

>–"A well deserved vacation away from Hell, and a long one at that. It gets quite dreary down there.. though now that I'm away from it I suppose I'll have to do some 'redecoration' up here. Wouldn't want to get homesick after all, right?"