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File: pray harder poni.png (24.6KB, 636x427)


Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 18:12:35 No.35199744

File: (122KB, 166x300)


Quick, Do the one thing he can't defend against, Pray for his salvation!

>"Hey Faust, I'd love it if you would maybe forgive Satan for all the bad things he's done. Who knows maybe it'll turn him into a good guy ha ha."


Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 18:31:03 No.35199791


Summon Jesus, he's bluffing. Make up a prayer to him or something

>"And Jesus hey we're sorry for the whole 'nearly disintegrating you with a holy artifact' thing. We had no idea you were just trying to protect us. Forgive us?



Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 18:16:37 No.35199754

File: Pepsi_Man.png (63.3KB, 172.280)


Uh uh, no way, no how, no siree mister-bister. I spent months working on my zen garden, I'm not about to let some jumped up wether trash it because he has a sulfur kink.

Well, its time to use that can of soft drink to summon someone who can fight him


* can opening noises *