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Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 19:15:35 No.35199934

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What Anon Said, Pray harder, and better, start confessing your own sins too! Pray for your forgiveness, your partner's forgiveness, forgiveness for the world!

>"I'm sorry for being a bad pony! I didn't think of how mean crucifying someone is, especially when they're only trying to protect you! I don't know the other guard mare at all, but I'm sorry for anything she's done & ask you to forgive her for that! This world is full of ponies like us, but we're willing to change I swear! I promise tha-"


Anonymous 13/4/2020(Mon) 19:20:35 No.35199951

File: 372184.png (45KB, 191x275)


>Heya! God-Empress of the Universe here! I'm not in my temple right now—I'm drowning my sorrows at a cheap bar after getting booted from another pantheon. Please leave a message, and I get back to ya after my bail gets posted.