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Anonymous 14/4/2020(Tue) 16:23:51 No.35202971


Pet him to gain hist trust. Maybe he can help you fight satan

>*"I bet he could, couldn't he? That gives me an idea.."


Anonymous 14/4/2020(Tue) 16:23:58 No.35202989


you're a mom now


Anonymous 14/4/2020(Tue) 16:41:58 No.35203036


Take him out of the fire and hug him so he imprints

congratulations on becoming a single milf.

>*"Heh, I guess I am now huh?"

>"Hey I managed to get the thingy working. The easter bunny lended me a- is that a dragon?"

>*"Yeah! Pretty cool right?"

>"Yeah that's cool but how is a baby dragon going to help us defeat Satan?"

>*"Oh we just gotta grow him up really fast. An adult dragon would easily be able to tank any crossfire from flying up there!"

>"..Alright but how are we supposed to make him grow up?"

>*"I'm not sure, but something from that present would probably work."