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booping the khajiitrunning around on an invisible wall miles in the air
whole bunch of critters that spawned on the same bit of road
sabjorn making a shady deal with the dwarven mudcrabdiscovering a new location, along with its resident dragon
town guard sitting on thin air enjoying a drinkbarbas wants to talk to you up close & personal (close enough to clip into the camera lol)a lady sitting in the air like a foot above an actual chair
another guy sitting at a table, but this one has a pot on his headenemy without a name assigned to him
guy sitting at a table with a bowl on his headsearch the goat that's sticking out of the snow
a guy sitting in a chair (without a table this time) wearing a cauldron on his headlocal gets yeeted by ice spike
a horse grazing at a cool 80 degrees (rider included!)a caravan of khajiit casually walking toward two giants
meeko the funny dog lying in the air at a 45° anglesomeone just casually walking through a swath of flames
Ice Mage Adept: I'll see you burn!
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