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the classic ''Node Graph out of Date'' error
fun floating corpsegremlin scientists climbing on the test chamber's equipment
two crowbar-wielding maniacs destroy a barricaded hallwaylocal scientist packs some serious heat
absolutely decimating a helicopher with gluon guns
houndeye vibing to some static on a tvpost-overcharged tau cannon (ft. some guard's smokin' hot boots)
pov you are getting the rebel rusher achievement in Synergy
breen makes alyx cryalyx wearing dog's ball's cage thingy
ceiling-dwelling gremlintragic hoverboat accident (gone sexual)
vortigaunt experiencing some fun polygon stretchingscout bobblehead moments before being absolutely decimated by a hail of smg bulletslaser boi stares into your soul from a pod
holding the gnome by the air that surrounds itgnome chillin' with his combine soldier friendo
showing the lawn gnome its final resting placeheadcrab just vibing in a zoo enclosure
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