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funny ragdoll smilethree corpses vibing in the void
a mogoose ramming into a wraith at full speedspartan trying to fit a ghost through a grav-lift (unsuccessfully)
a hijacked phantom surronded by 5 enemy phantomsa scorpion trying to cram its way through a tunnel
hologram scenanigansphantom grinding its way through a tight hallway
forklift attempting to ram into an elitewarthog turret poking just above the waterline
manned turret rotating along with the giand windmill on that one desert halo 2 multiplayer maptwo phantoms breaking out of the map's boundaries
casually filling the floor of a pelican with leadspartan sandwiched between two boost padsspartan desperately trying to sit in a folding chair
warthog stuck up on a rockfunny ragdoll :)
bootleg warthog (forklift with a spartan wielding a turret on top)master chief & master chief observing a dead master chief vibing on the ceiling
every gun on the base (plus a few fighters) firing at a singular phantom
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