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someone casually phasing through a shut doorcreeper trying to blend into a cow pen
a pony trying (poorly) to hide behind a tablea solid block of water, no container around it
two creepers impeded by a trapdoorsomepony being chased into a pool of lava by a horde of hoglins
floating cube spitting out a buncha fish onto the ground belowsnow golem stranded on a pumpkin hundreds of blocks in the airiron golem about to absolutely pulverize a poner
zombie piglin committing grand theft auto on my minecart
a wolf trying to paddle a boatvillagers commandeering my temporary bed
the pony is surrounded by quite a few cowslotsa lotsa ender dragons flying high in the sky
swimming in lava lamps usually isn't too great an idea yeah
a poor innocent cow being sliced in half by a nether portalusing an autoclicker on a noteblock
a house split in half due to chunk loading errorstwo villagers trading so hard that they're starting to merge into one entity
native nether chicken vibing next to a cliffan igloo that generated floating above a ravine
imminent death via shitload of creepers
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