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a deer poking its head through a wall to drink the alcohol behind ita wooden chest (read: mimic) treading water
a mare casts a black hole spell into the air, a few frames later she gets pulled into it & is never seen againdeer just drinking some bloodpouring water into a deep hole before a stendari jumps up, one shots me, & jumps back down
a whole bunch of limanuljaska following around a twilight sparkle
a pony standing on a floating sphere of dirt that's only a bit bigger than thema small grove of trees, one of them is upside-down
fighting a little worm for a bit before a giant worm comes up from the groundflying up to a little cave right as something in it explodes (completely unharmed by it tho!)
a deer stuck in a vertical tunnel due to a wedged minecart (that it's standing on)a deer jumps from a ledge (epic 360), kicks a barrel (mlg noscope), & nails a passing limanuljaska (sick onetap)a deer holding itself over a hole in the ground, a small pool of water lies below it
the great and powerful trixie is holding a great and powerful shotguna heikkohurtta trapped in a makeshift cage
trying to kick a barrel up before it clips into the ground, where after a second or two it explodes & panic ensuesa unicorn with super long spider legs making her way up the side of a pyramid
fighting a peitsivartija before getting yeeted across the lava lake by a stray lance; miraculously i managed to land on an island of obsidian that i had made earlier
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