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survivor ominously guarding a lunar portal with like three beetle guards
brass contraption doing loop de loopslike five greater imps converging in on one another
huntress stole fungus from the engineer & is now taunting him with ita 3d printer face down in a mound of sand
spamming so many molovots that the screen is just pure whitea shrine of combat with a minigun poking out of it
three artificers dripped out with rejuvination racksa loader running around the void fields with zero fear of death, as they're regenerating 1135 health every few milliseconds
three war banners sticking out of a rockputting a medkit into a medkit printer to print a medkit
two survivors impatiently waiting for mythrix to come out of his little energy ball spawn thingythe elder lemurian is stuck
''you offer to the shrine, but got nothing''
at least two dozen drones chillin' in Commencementcovering the huntress in spider mines
pov you are about to be lasered by a stone titanmy corpse being yeeted a mile into the air
lotsa drones on the hudtwo final bosses, both fucked up2 hour run character looks down upon you
some teleporter loot that yeeted intself into a treerex just vibing on a 90 degree cliff face
this teleporter loot yeeted itself onto a cliff faceinvasion of acrids
three shrines of chance all closeby eachotherlunar abomination chiling on a pillarhealing drone stuck itself in the snow
half a dozen drones flying towards yafunny dead elder lemurian
ragdoll slowly falling into the voidragdoll violently being shredded to bits in the void
acrid was killed by acrid
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