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scouts controlling the fate of the entire ctf match via intel hoarding
dying to afterburn literally a few feet away from a health kit & dispenser, big saddemoman tears out his own skull & upper spine
enemy spy & friendly medic go to push 2nd together (very sweet)the heavy points in your general direction whilist his head is embedded in the ceiling
the scout tries to escape the enlarged rocketjumping soldiera default medic about to murder a dripped out demo in cold blood
heavy tanking shitloads of damage like a chadlocal scout casually threatens you with leathal force
a demo's feet comically hanging from a ceilingenemy spy tragically (read: comically) trips over red teleporter
a medic-enhanced dispenser
a spy runs into a small enclosed room, he is completely unaware of the enemy pyro chasing him insidescout runs up to a 10ft tall robot to smack it with the weakest melee weapon in the game
hoarde of mems kidnapping an unfortunate demomanheavy casually walking under half the enemy team (who're about to pounce right on his head)
demo casually walks off a cliffsome heavies having a very exclusive party in a corner
taunting soldier milliseconds before getting brutally backstabbedsending condolgences to a recently killbinded individual
the scout weighs himselfa demo & soldier rolling out of spawn at the same time
a heavy being simultaneously taunt killed by three peopletwo spies seamlessly merging into one
like 7 spies collectively dusting themselves
the spy is skinny (in a horribly disgusting way)a spy glitching out like mad
a heavy's coat lies abandoned on the floor, no sign of its owners corpse anywhere to be seenfour scouts demand to be high-fived in the exact same spot, to the point where they're phasing into eachother
three bots guarding the intelligence from being stolenthe voidwalker going from the physical realm to the nonphysical
red demo spookily a-posing near a security camera
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