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if your web browser doesn't clear its data on closing it, you may need to CTRL+F5 on some pages to see the changes on them!


⁃⠀the ghost ponies from last year are back, and they'll be sticking around for longer this time!

⁃⠀6 new art pieces!
⁃⠀2 new sketch pages!
⁃⠀3 new gifs!

⁃⠀they're called animatics, not storyboards lmao
⁃⠀few fixes & touchups to said storyboard animatic pages
⁃⠀new animated banner for the deku tree!


⁃⠀fixed a dead link on one of the secret pages

⁃⠀added 1 (one!) new vrchat screenshot
⁃⠀added 6 (six!!!!!!) new risk of rain screenshots
⁃⠀threw 2 (two!!) more fun hidden links in the snips pages

⁃⠀added two fun links to the paint doodles page (though one's harder to find than the other)
⁃⠀added a new comic to the paint comics page
⁃⠀there's a new storyboards page for showcasing some animations that i planned to make, then never did!


⁃⠀took like a month but i finally realized that the dates on this year's changelog page weren't in 2022 lmao

⁃⠀finally came up with a nicer design for the page!
⁃⠀added some alt/title text to a few images on pages that were missing some
⁃⠀less scrolling is now required thanks to the magic of page jumping (same deal as the 19th's update to the vidya page)


⁃⠀new snip page for the elder scrolls (18 nu screenshots from skyrim, gimme a year or three for oblivion/morrowind ones lol)
⁃⠀and a new snip page for noita (also 18 nu screenshots, though 8 are animated!)
⁃⠀navigating back to the vidya page from a snip/game page will pring you back to that page's respective area (so like clicking back on a snip page'll bring you right back to where all the snips are, no more extra scrolling!)


⁃⠀some small changes to the old music page
⁃⠀added links to pages in question to this year's changelog page (not doing that for the older ones lol)

⁃⠀a singular new gif
⁃⠀3 new sketch pages (towards the bottom since they're older)

⁃⠀9 more snips from risk of rain 2
⁃⠀3 more fun hidden links hiding in the snip pages
⁃⠀some other maintnence & reorganization to the snips

⁃⠀changed the css of the easter cyoa so it's closer to the corner (bit easier to read replies now!)
⁃⠀6 more doodles for the paint doodles page
⁃⠀a new paint comics page (with like 11 fun comics too!)


⁃⠀hovering over the buttons on the index page give some extra info about the site before ya enter (if you care enough to check them before heading in lol)
⁃⠀added sources for the music used on the secret pages

⁃⠀added a divider to the fluttertree comic (for readability!)
⁃⠀fixed a few broken image links too

⁃⠀5 new albums for the stack! (1 tape, 4 CDs)
⁃⠀fixed some broken shop links
⁃⠀also finally fixed an image that bugged me for a long while lol

⁃⠀some greeting text lives at the top of the page now!
⁃⠀a few typo fixes in the link boxes

⁃⠀also has greeting text up top now!
⁃⠀hid another link in one of the snip pages
⁃⠀added sources for the stuff i used in those scratch games
⁃⠀also added my high score for ATTACK OF THE TODDS on the game's page if ya want to challenge yourself


⁃⠀added a fun secret page :)

⁃⠀reorganized the snipped screenshot thumbnails
⁃⠀added 8 more snips from vr chat
⁃⠀added 3 more snips from gmod
⁃⠀added a new page of snips from tf2 (33 screenshots!)
⁃⠀threw like two(?) more fun links in various snip pages (hover over the images to see if it has a link attached)
⁃⠀and some other misc small fixups


⁃⠀added two buttons to the index page (including a general age rating thingy)
⁃⠀new year means a new changelog page for 2022!

⁃⠀small text changes on the main art directory
⁃⠀1 new piece
⁃⠀1 new gif
⁃⠀5 new pages o' sketches

⁃⠀pruned 9 old buttons (either dead links or weren't fun sites)
⁃⠀added 9 brand new buttons
⁃⠀updated any buttons that needed updating (new images & updated links)
⁃⠀reorganized all the buttons to be a little bit more cohesive

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